Welcome to the Mentorship Circle. The Goal of this community is to make you self-reliable and independent traders. During your time in this group you will be assisted with a ton of hands-on coaching and learnings in a very intimate setting. This includes:
  • Sector Rotation
  • Supply & Demand
  • Premium Trading
  • Identifying Reversals
The Coaching room includes:
  • 1 hour Sunday Call (Watchlist Meeting)
  • Learning how to be an Independent trader (Monthly Workshop’s)
  • Fully loaded Discord – Includes Bots + 20 hours of Pre-Recorded Content + Admins and Moh for Live Support
  • Moh’s live execution with clear premium Entry’s and exits
The Annual membership also includes: Options Trading Blueprint Course Supply and Demand Course -Plays Small Accounts and High Premium – Includes Option Chain
  • Charts/Analysis/Levels/Entry/Exit/StopLosses
  • Live Alert on Entires
  • Live Alert on Scalps
Due to the nature of the content, there will be no refunds issued once you enrol for the service. DISCLAIMER *THIS INFORMATION IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. NO INVESTMENT ADVICE OR RECOMMENDATIONS ARE MADE IN THIS COURSE. *Please not this is a FINAL SALE no REFUNDS will be issued once payment has been made.