Courses to help you Focus on Your Trading

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Options Trading Blueprint

This Blueprint contains a step-by-step process on how to successfully execute a trade from Start to Finish. I walk you on how to find and analyze news and use technical indicators to get in and out of trades with ease and confidence.

I provide you with a system that provides you with a layout on how to execute a trade successfully from start to finish. Regardless of how much or less experience you have, you can apply this system to your trading strategy. I have been able to use this system consistently achieve my goal.

Bonus Content Included: Fibonacci Retracement Course

Fibonacci Retracement

Learn how Institutional investors trade, learn how to trade with Price Action and Volume. This is an in-depth video of Fibonacci, it covers everything you need to know about Fibonacci and more:

  • How to successfully Enter and Exit a trade irrelevant of the market conditions
  • How to set stop losses using Fibonacci
  • How to predict future moves for stocks
  • Go over multiple examples and show you to set the charts using Fibonacci
  • Go over any questions you may have

Supply & Demand

This is not just a course, it is an Execution plan on how to trade using Demand and Supply combined with other tools in your arsenal.

  • What is Supply and Demand
  • Impact of Supply/Demand on Price Action
  • Drawing Demand Zones
  • Drawing Supply Zones
  • Scalp weekly and Daily Plays using Demand/Supply
  • Scalp SPX/SPY 0 day using Demand/Supply
  • Swing trade Using Demand/Supply
  • Supply and Demand + Confirmation (Chart Pattern)
  • Execution Plan for Supply & Demand
  • Do’s and Don’t of Supply Demand